How To Check Glo Data Balance Online 

Here are details on How To Check Glo Data Balance Online.

Glo, known as Globacom Limited, is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company established on the 29th of August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. As of June 2018, the company has more than 3,500 workers worldwide.

Glo Mobile began functioning in Nigeria in the year August 2003. Glo Mobile introduced lower tariffs, pay-per-second billing and other value-added services.

Although Glo Mobile was the fourth GSM operator to launch in Nigeria, the company experienced rapid growth, gaining over 25 million subscribers over seven years of just being in operation.

And over 5 years, goo mobile began to spread throughout the continent launching in Benin. And just as it was in nigiri, it also had unprecedented growth through the sale of 600k Sim cards in just ten days of operation.

Glo Mobile offered Per Second Billing, which charges subscribers for the exact airtime used. They also offered other value-added services such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), Glo Magic Plus news and information, vehicle tracking, musical ring-back tones and mobile banking, and Internet Plans.

In this post, We’d make known to all How To Check Glo Data Balance Online.

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How To Check Glo Data Balance Online

The only way to check goo data balance online is through it’s the website “”.

To check your go data balance online, especially for those using a modem or router, follow the stores below:

  • Visit Flo’s official portal @“”.
  • When the site loads up, you will see your complete data balance details on the screen.

It is important to note that you have to connect to the internet through a good sim card with the data bundle for the portal to properly show your balance.

Other ways To Check Glo Data Balance

Below are alternatives to checking goo data balance, suppose you have no way to access the website.

Glo account users dont have issues while checking their balance, bonuses, and type of data package. There are several methods how to check Glo data balance. Follow the steps below to know how to check your Glo data balance.

Check Glo Data Balance Using USSD

This is the easiest way to check your Glo data balance. You can use any phone and it doesn’t require any internet connection. Just dial *777# and in the next list of items that pops up, choose “Manage Data” and then select “Data Balance”

Check Glo Data Balance via SMS

Check your data balance by sending a text message to a given code. To do this, send:

“INFO” to 127.

Then your data balance will be sent to your inbox.

Conclusion on How To Check Glo Data Balance Online

In conclusion, the above information concerning How To Check Glo Data Balance Online on Glo is comprehensive enough for anyone, even a newbie. Now make sure to go through the steps provided in this post, and you will surely come out with the desired result.

Additionally, it is important to carefully follow through with the information above to come up with the desired result.

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