How To Hide Page On website 

In this post are details concerning bow to hide page of website. is a very popular website, popularly known for being one of the biggest e-commerce platform to sell things such as new cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more.

On the website, one is oh allowed to list 25 items on a single page without getting penalized, so it is always advised that you are very selective with the type of vehicle you sell ( not all vehicles are allowed ) and it can be difficult to hide certain pages on your site so that curious customers don’t stumble across them accidentally.

Let’s explore how you can hide a dealer page from within the app so that potential customers don’t find it unless they know where it is hidden.

Description is a paid eCommerce platform that makes it easy for you to create and manage a website for selling your used and new vehicles. You can list up to 25 vehicles on a single page, and you have considerable flexibility in setting up your store.

And some of its features are that one can add images, full descriptions, prices, and more. Once you’ve set up your store, you can manage it with a single click through the online dashboard. This includes listing and selling your vehicles, creating listings, editing details, and managing inventory. also has a marketing system that enables you to create bespoke email campaigns and drive new customers to your website. You can also use the dashboard to regulate your social media presence and track your sales and impressions.

As said earlier, is a platform where one can sell new cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, and more. It’s also an ideal option for dealers who want to post their inventory without having to pay strict dealership requirements. And also has the benefit of being extremely simple to set up and start selling your products.

Why Do People Try To Hide Page On A Website

  • One of the basic reasons why people get to hide pages on a website is to prevent competitors from getting the information and using it against them.
  • And some other reasons can be that they don’t want to reveal the exact pricing of a product or they are trying to protect their trade secrets.
  • People might also hide pages on websites because they do not want competitors from getting the information and using it against them. After all, they don’t want to reveal the exact pricing for a certain product, or because they don’t want some pages to display on search engine result pages like google SERP.


Some of the benefits of hiding a page on a website are to

  • Prevent people from accessing information that is not available to them.
  • Prevent people from accessing information that may be sensitive or contain confidential data.
  • Protect information from being indexed by search engines and make it unavailable to them.
  • Hiding pages can help enhance the performance of your website.

How To Hide Page On Dealer.Com Website

As said earlier in the post, hiding the page on website is quite easy and a straightforward process if you log in on how to navigate your way right. Follow the steps below:

Login to your account:

Before anything, you must login j to your account by entering the right username and password to login.

Go to the page that you want to hide from your website:

Once you have successfully logged in, you can search for the page you want to hide. It can be a page for a product or a car that has previously been sold. Note that you cathe n carefully search our site and select the page you want to hide.

Scroll down until you see “Page Visibility” and click on hide this page link:

The last step in hiding a page is to click the “Hide This Page link”. Once you’ve done that, the page has been successfully hidden.

And assuming you are unable to find the “Hide this page link”, take the alternative route by using the computer’s Ctrl + A key combination. Then there will appear a search box; which you can then use to search for the ” Hide this page link”. Tap save to save changes

Conclusion on How To Hide Page On Website

In conclusion to the article, it is made clear the description for website, and also its benefits and also the step by step guide on how to hide a page on website.

It is advised that you carefully read and follow through with the information provided in this post to executive such task as hiding page on the website.

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