How To Know If Someone Was On Your Phone

Here is How To Know If Someone Was On Your Phone. Follow through with the details in the post to find out more information.

Suppose you gave your password out to someone either by mistake or knowingly, and now suspect someone went through your phone. Maybe it was invaded by your wife, children, workmate, etc.

In this article, we will detail ways one can be able to discern if someone has been ok your phone. Stay tuned for more information.

How To Know If Someone Was On Your Phone

You might have a suspect of who the invader might be, but follow through with the details in the post to find out how to know.

  • Verify for incorrect password attempt notification.
  • Verify your phone’s notification history.
  • Verify the recent tab for any unknown recently used app.
  • Verify for any unknown app installation.
  • Veirfy call history and messages.

Check for incorrect password attempt notification:

The “Incorrect password attempt” notification feature is one of the many great security features that are available on Android and iOS.

When you enter a wrong password five times in a row, this feature will display a “Too many incorrect password attempts, try again in 30 seconds” notification on your lock screen.

So, if you pick up your phone and see this notification on the lock screen, that’s your cue that someone has made numerous desperate password attempts to access your phone.

Check your phone’s notification history:

Checking the notification history section of your phone is another way to find out if someone accessed it.

With the introduction of Android 11 and later, a feature called notification history allowed users to retrieve any missed or swiped notifications.

Therefore, if you discover any missed or swiped notifications inside the “Notification History” section that you are not aware of, then someone did attempt to use your phone while you were away.

However, you must manually activate this feature since it is not set to be on by default. So, to do that, just adhere to these easy steps.

  • Your Android phone should have “Settings” open.
  • Go to the “Notifications” section by scrolling down.
  • Setting for notifications
  • After that, tap it to open.
  • Then select “Notification History” from the menu.

Option for Notification History

  • Finally, turn on the “Use notification history” switch.
  • Use the toggle for Notification History

Apps That Can Tell You If Someone Is Spying On You

Below are apps that help monitor your phone, to easily tell if your phone is being used by someone else:

Best Phone Security

In order to be alerted when someone tries to unlock your phone behind your back, this app lets you set a PIN code and a security alarm.

When you’re out in public or with your sneaky friends, use your phone’s alarm.

They won’t dare to touch your phone again once they realize you have a sophisticated alarm.

Your location, device ID, product interaction, advertising data, and performance data may be collected and linked to your identity by this app for the purposes of third-party analytics and advertising.

Only the iPhone and iPad have access to Best Phone Security through the App Store.

Check the recent tab for any unknown recently used app:

Next, look at your smartphone’s recent tab, which shows a list of recently used apps.

Additionally, look at the order in which these apps are listed. Additionally, it may be a sign of an intrusion if you discover any apps on the list that you don’t recall installing or that are not listed in any particular order.

The apps can now be readjusted in a manner that is similar to how they were previously, but snoopers are becoming more intelligent.

What will you do in this circumstance, then?

There are a few hacks, I suppose.

Use the Digital Well-Being and parental controls app on Android:


  • Launch the settings application.
  • After that, select “Digital Well-being and Parental Controls” from the menu.
  • Parental control and digital well-being.
  • To access the list of apps, tap the sizable horizontal bar or circle.
  • Circle of Apps Statistics of Use
  • The list of apps that have been used recently for a specific time period will also be available to you.
  • List of Statistics-Related Apps

Call a secret number:

  • Get the Android dialer open.
  • Now dial “##4636##” to access a testing menu that is hidden.
  • Screen’s drop-down menu to see a list of apps.
  • Next, select “Usage time” to further sort the data.
  • You will finally be able to view which apps were open and for how long.

Note: Only smartphones with Snapdragon chipsets and a select few MediaTek chipsets can use this technique or secret code.


  • Lunch the “Settings” on iOS.
  • Then choose “Screen Time” from the menu bar.
  • And the list of apps organized will appear by tapping “Select All Activity.”
  • And finally, click on each app to sight its usage history

Check For AAny Unknown App Installation:

Have you recently discovered an unidentified app that you never installed?

If so, this could indicate that someone stole your phone and installed an arbitrary app on it.

Nevertheless, the app might not be a danger and instead be a chance gaming or productivity app.

But take no chances, and get rid of it right away.

Additionally, by using the “Settings” app, check the list of apps under the “Apps” menu. If you find any arbitrary apps there, simply uninstall them.

Check your call and message histories: The following action you should take is to look over your call and message histories.

Yes, if someone was using your phone without your consent, he or she must have made the simple error of reading/sending a new message or placing a call using your mobile device.

So, if you notice any of these signs, it is unmistakably evidence of unauthorized access.

Mobile Security Lookout

Lookout is the only mobile security and antivirus app that offers comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and the theft of personal information.

Both Basic and Antivirus & Security Premium versions are offered.

Lookout Basic constantly guards your data against viruses, finds your device, and triggers an alarm even when it is set to silent.
When the battery is low, it automatically saves your device’s location.

The basic plan’s features are all included in the premium version, along with additional features.

Every time it notices suspicious behavior that could indicate your identity has been stolen, it sends an email along with a picture and the location of your phone.

If your phone is in the wrong hands, you can also remotely lock your device and erase your data.

Tips On How To Keep Your Phone Safe From People Peeping

  • Use a strong password.
  • Never abandon your phone in a place unlocked
  • Don’t give your phones to others
  • Use security apps
  • Don’t leave it to charge in public spaces.

Conclusion on How To Know If Someone Was On Your Phone

If you want to access your data from anywhere at any time, having a phone is undoubtedly advantageous.

However, there are some people in your life who frequently behave more like trespassers and enjoy accessing your private information and assets.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to never leave your phone alone without a strong password, and then to determine whether someone tried to snoop into your private digital space or not, follow the signs that are mentioned above in the article.

Make sure to carefully follow through with the details in the post to come out with the desired result.

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