How To Set Up eFax In Outlook

In this post are details about Efax and comprehensive information on How To Set Up eFax In Outlook.

In this generation of ‘new age’, many would think faxes are in their final time of existence and are on the way out. Nonetheless, even though there’s everything as technology, that is sophisticated enough to help fax information faster than ever. Still some industries still prioritize faxes as a way of transmitting documents

Well obviously, not everyone has access to a Fax Machine, to send and receive faxes unlike in previous years. And now thanks to technology, one can have access to services such as eFax, where you can transmit faxes from your computer and your Outlook email account.

As if you are wondering, “How does that work”, well this post will educate you on how to do it, with a step-by-step guide on how to do it.


MS Outlook is a personal information manager which was introduced in 1997 by Microsoft. And it was later included as a part of the MS Office suite and is mainly an email client.

Microsoft Outlook is a software and is among some of the most used email services in the world. However, Microsoft Outlook provides more than simply email access.

It also serves as a web app manager that coordinates and integrates with other Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for the workplace or home use.

One of the biggest benefits of using MS Outlook is that it can fulfil the purpose of both, a stand-alone application and also a multi-user software.

And it can be used by an individual as an email client-server and also by an Organisation which requires shared features like a mailbox, calendar, appointments, etc.

Originally, the program was just added as a part of the Office suite which could be installed in a computer system.

Later on, various other versions were released which made Outlook compatible with mobile phones, laptops and other android and Mac devices.

What is Faxing?

Faxing is a technique used in transmitting documents, typically using a telephone line, that allows a physical document to be sent electronically to a recipient. The term ” FAX” is short for Facsimile, which means an exact copy or reproduction. a

To send a Fax, a document is usually placed in a Fax machine or a multifunction printer with fax capability, which then scans the document and converts it into a digital image. The fax machine then proceeds by sailing the recipient’s fav number, and the digital image of the document is transmitted over the telephone line to the recipient’s machine. The recipient’s fax machine then receives the digital image and prints out a physical copy of the document, typically on plain paper.

Faxing is frequently utilized in situations where a hard copy of a document is required, For instance:  when a signature is required on a contract, or when delivering important legal or financial documents. While faxing has become less of a trend this day, with the advent of email and other digital communication techniques, it is still used in some industries and situations where physical documents are important.

What is Microsoft Outlook Used For?

Below are the functions of MS outlook, and the major functions of MS Outlook have, however, been discussed in detail below:

  • It brings about easy communication and sending emails is just a click away. Various attachments in different formats can be added to these mails
  • Since it is an organising and managing application, it can be used to set up appointments and meetings using a calendar and setting up reminders for the same
  • All the emails sent or received can easily be tracked if the correct settings have been added to the application
  • And as for Companies or Organisations, setting up activities as a team is easy with Outlook. You can easily share and partner with other members of your team or group
  • Similar emails are interlinked automatically which forms a mail thread of such emails

How To Set Up eFax In Outlook

Below is the guide to setting up fax in outlook:

Set Up Your Online Fax Account

To transmit faxes through outlook, you are required to have an online fax account. The setup process is fast and easy.

Go to the official website at and sign up for an account using your Outlook email address.

Select an eFax Number

To do this, you are to have chosen your location. You can search in different ways, including your area code. And if preferable, you can also use an already existing fax number.

After choosing the number, you then will be asked to provide your information. Which includes your name, and email address and then input a password that will serve as access to your account.

It is advised to choose an easy-to-remember and yet secured password, preferably not an already-used password.

The next thing is to input your billing information to pay for the subscriptions and other charges. Credit cards are also allowed.

And finally, an email confirmation will be sent to your email to finalize the setup of the account. Verify the email, and you can start your journey of faxing.

Why Is Faxing Via Outlook a Better Option Than a Fax Machine?

Though the faxing machine is rather deemed to be more secure, which is true considering it changes the world of office in many ways, and enabled users to send a physical document over a phone line.

Over time, traditional fav machines have been overtaken by eFax and email.

Nonetheless printed fax document is still important for some industries, such industries as healthcare and real estate.

And to send a fax the normal way, you are required to:

  • Possess a landline phone to plug into the fax machine.
  • Purchase a fax machine and keep it in perfect running condition
  • Fill out a cover letter sheet and print the document you want to fax. This means you are also required to get a printer
  • Dual the fax number, in hope of the signal not being busy or the paper machine does not jam.

And to receive a Fax, you will require paper, a fax machine and ink. And also require to be close to the machine when the document comes through. Paper jams often occur, and sometimes images might not come through properly, and the sender will have to reset them.

Also, if you’re getting confidential documents, you don’t want them alone at the fax machine for anyone unauthorized to grab them.

Benefits of eFax

eFax is more of a time-saving time and resource. faxing has lots of benefits, which include:

  • Infinite online cloud storage
  • Other than the ability to fax using Outlook, you get entry to an online fax portal and even eFax
  • Messenger on Windows for sending and receiving faxes
  • Mobile app with an ease y  interface for your faxes on the go
  • Being able to share large
  • Electronic signatures to prevent the need to print, sign and scan documents

Conclusion on How To Set Up eFax In Outlook

Now, we’ve come to the end of the guide, and it can be concluded that it is safe to Fax your documents via eFax in Outlook, and yes, it is much more preferred considering it is fast and time-saving, even by industries in transmitting the information.

But in all, it all boils down to one’s preference. So make sure to attend the to details in the post, to get acquainted with important information.

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