How To Unlock Tesco Mobile Phone With PUK Code 

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Several people encounter difficulties while trying to get unlock their phones. Nonetheless, there are simpler ways one can unlock Tesco phones with a PUK code.

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A PUK code is defined as a ‘ Personal Unlocking Key’ and it is sometimes referred to as a PUC code with it meaning ‘ Personal Unlocking Code’.

A PUK is mainly used to reset the PIN on a phone only if the protective software was triggered to lock the SIM card or handset.

And the software is usually triggered when the PIN or password is entered incorrectly more than three times, the phone locks itself, and thenand unlocksksit, an 8-digit PUK code is required of you.

Though they are usually used by mobile providers to unlock a phone after its security measures have been triggered, a PUK code can also be used to remove a network restriction from a phone.

Be careful though: if you enter your PUK code incorrectly more than ten times, the SIM card will become irrecoverably blocked and you’ll require a new one.

The PUK system has its benefits, some of its benefits are that if your phone gets stolen, your SIM card cannot be used to do much.

To protect yourself from phishers, cyberpunks and scammers, you may end up getting your SIM locked.

When your SIM gets locked, there are a couple of ways to unlock your SIM. You can either use the PUK code or bypass the PUK system.

What do you need a PUK code for?

Most times, when trying to secure your bank information or lock your SIM cards, you may get your SIM card locked by the authorities.

The SIM gets locked mostly when you try to access your locked SIM card, you then require a PUK code.

The major reason most people have to enter their Sim is only when their sim is locked.

And this usually costs money by entering the code incorrectly more than three times. This can be the case when you try to lock your SIM card so that no one can access your SIM data ( I formation).

Fundamental Knowledge about Unlocking SIM Card

By buying a phone from Tesco instead of the manufacturer, it locks your SIM. This link will only limit you to only using Tesco network SIMs to work on the phone.

Absolutely no other SIM card can operate on the phone until it is unlocked. The only way to have a Tesco unlock phone is to get it unlocked through Tesco directly or from a tool if you don’t have an account.

As said earlier there are also some limits before using or selling your Tesco unlocked mobile phones.

Below are some of those limitations:

  • You cannot unlock a Tesco mobile phone that has been reported lost or stolen.
  • You must have used your Tesco mobile phone for at least a year before unlocking it.
  • You also have to check if Tesco is the one that has locked your phone. Sometimes it is a different carrier.

How To Know That Your Tesco Mobile Is Locked

Below are the steps to follow to know whether your Tesco mobile is locked:

  • Discard the current Tesco Mobile SIM card from your phone.
  • Put in a SIM card from a different carrier (e.g. EE, T-Mobile, O2, etc).
  • Check if your phone connects to a different carrier network if the phone does connect then there isn’t a carrier lock, and if not your phone is locked

How To Unlock Your Tesco Phone

Although there be lots of different solutions to unlock Tesco Mobile phones. In this post, we’ve handpicked the most effective and worth focusing on.

Below are methods that can be used to unlock one’s Tesco Phone:

Unlock Tesco Mobile Using Unlock /PUK Code

Right after confirming that your Tesco mobile is locked by the carrier, then you can ask for an online request to unlock it.

The good news is that if you’re using Tesco mobile every month, you can get a free Tesco mobile unlock code. There will be no charges. Here are the steps you need to execute it:

  • Go to and fill out the form to request an online unlocking.
  • Enter your Tesco phone’s IMEI number, which you can locate in the SIM tray, battery, and phone’s back, or by dialling*06 # on the locked device.
  • After that, Tesco will send you a text message within the next 7 days. That text will contain the Tesco mobile unlock code for your device. Follow the link inside the text message to fully open your mobile.

Unlock Tesco Mobile Using Unlock Services

Some might this question: “what if I want to unlock my Tesco phone in another way? In that case, you can use DirectUnlocks to unlock your Tesco mobile within 24 hours.

This method can bypass all the limits of using an unlock code. Notable features include:

  • Unlocks your phone and removes all carrier limits
  • Experts remotely unlock the phone after you provide the IMEI number
  • Their service allows you to switch to any carrier you want afterwards
  • Permanently unlocks your phone even if you do a factory reset
  • Moneyback guarantee if the Tesco Mobile unlock doesn’t work (very unlikely)

Tesco Mobile Unlock Instructions

Given that this Tesco Mobile unlock method is significantly more affordable than the first way, it’s worth checking out. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1. Go to the DirectUnlocks Tesco Mobile unlock page.

Step 2. Using the drop-down lists, select the type of mobile phone you have as well as the region in which you are  You can choose from different devices here.

Step 3. Below these lists, enter the IMEI number of the device you want to unlock. You will find this number by calling *#06#.

Conclusion on How To Unlock Tesco Mobile Phone With PUK Code

With all the information detailed in this post, concerning PUK code description, and reason for PUK code, etc. You shouldn’t find it hard to unlock your Tesco mobile.

Be sure to pay full attention to the details above and follow the steps to get the desired result.

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