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For the average user, an iPhone is a simple smartphone to use. Some of us, however, like to go above what Apple has packed under the hood. That’s why we install apps that wake up the inner geek inside all of us.

There are more than 18 secret codes for iPhones, each with different purposes and I will be highlighting the unlock passcodes in this post

Apple is a well-known tech company, that is most known for producing one of the best phones on the planet which is called the iPhone.

Apple is also known for its popular services around user privacy. Whether it is about protecting users’ data or restricting third-party apps with strong privacy control.


Since our smartphones hold sensitive and confidential data, it is only natural that we protect it with passwords. Moreover, with the advances in technology, more security features are surfacing.

Whenever unlocking through fingerprint or face fails more than five times, the iPhone will ask for the PIN instead. If you want to modify the Face and Touch ID settings, you must enter the PIN before accessing the settings.

Aside from those, there are still many features that can only be accessed if you know the iPhone password. So what happens when you get used to using biometrics unlock instead that you forgot your password?

Either you’ll get locked out of your device, or you won’t be able to access those other features. This post will share methods that work like a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone to avoid that.

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What Are iPhone Secret Codes?

iPhone secret codes are also known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes (USSD). These are shortcuts and access codes to enter unique settings and functions within the device. They were more popular in the past when Settings apps weren’t as advanced as today.

These are used mainly by confident users and technicians for advanced troubleshooting and hidden features. The truth is they’re not hard to figure out, though. And, of course, it’s hard for the ordinary consumer to figure them out.

iPhone secret codes are character combinations you can use to access information and settings. They require no internet connection and can often handle advanced modifications you can’t find in the regular Settings app.

You can launch the Phone app, navigate to Keypad, and enter the code. Sometimes entering the code will trigger the action; other times, you’ll need to press the Call button

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How to Use iPhone Secret Codes

Using iPhone secret codes is easy, as long as you know the codes. Let’s show you how to use them first. Then you can play around with the codes.

  1. Launch the Phone app.
  2. Select the Keypad tab.
  3. Enter the code.
  4. Some codes may require you to press the Call button. Others will simply launch the action as soon as you enter the code.

Try these!

As mentioned above, using iPhone secret codes is no rocket science. What’s actually hard is finding the codes to use. We’ve compiled a few of the most useful ones to get you started.

  • Hide your caller ID in the USA: *67(the phone number)
  • Hide your caller ID outside the USA: *31#(the phone number)
  • Call forwarding status: *#21#
  • Forward calls to another number: *21(the phone number)#
  • Force show your caller ID when you call others: *82(the phone number)
  • Launch field test mode: 3001#12345#
  • How many missed calls do you have?: *#61#
  • Block incoming calls: *33*(SIM card PIN)#
  • Unblock incoming calls: #33*(SIM card PIN)#
  • Check Alert System status: *5005*25371#
  • Disable Alert System status: *5005*25370#
  • Check traffic information with no internet: 511
  • Check prepaid account balance: *777#
  • Look at your postpaid account balance: *225#
  • Check your data plan status: *646#

more secret codes include;

*3001#12345#* – Dial this code using the Phone app and pressing the ‘call’ button will take you straight to the Field Test menu. Over here you’ll be able to check different cellular parameters, such as SIM info, PDP Context Info, GSM Cell Environment, UMTS Environment, and MM Info. You can also use Field Test to display your iPhone’s true signal strength in the status bar.

*#06# – Dial this code in the Phone app and you’ll be immediately presented with your iPhone’s IMEI number. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. But it’s perfectly handy to know about if you’re seeking to carrier unlock your iPhone.

*#33# – Dial this number in the Phone app and press the ‘call’ button. After a few seconds, you’ll be presented with a bunch of details. This includes whether or not voice, data or SMS is active on your current cellular network.

*#0*# – This will take you straight to the General Test Mode once dialed from the Phone app. It lets you test a bunch of things on your iPhone, such as vibration, touch, speaker, etc.

*5005*7672# – Dial this one up and you’ll be presented with your SMS message center number.

*43# – This will activate the call-waiting feature on your iPhone. You can disable it by dialing #43#.

 Why Do You Need a Secret Passcode?

You may have one of two reasons to be seeking a secret passcode to unlock iPhones.

  • Firstly, you could be trying to unlock someone else’s phone without their consent.
  • The other scenario is where you found an old device when cleaning your drawer, and you forgot the iPhone passcode.

In either case, you can unlock an iPhone without resetting it or taking it to a technician, risking valuable data.

Wondering how? You could always try guessing the secret passcode! But if that doesn’t work, you could adopt the savvy alternatives we have listed in this post.

Is There a Secret Passcode to Unlock Any iPhone?

Many people believe that there is a secret passcode that could allow them to get into any locked iPhone they like. It turns out that Apple devices aren’t hotel doors that have a master key to unlock them whenever one desire.

iPhone passcodes vary from device to device depending on what the user has set it as. That said, you can always try figuring out an iPhone passcode to unlock it fair and square.

iphone disabled enter passcode screen

Now some people have easy passwords. The six-digit pin code is the easiest to guess. You can try simple combinations like 111111, 000000, 123456, 987654, etc.

If the device has a four-digit passcode set on it, you can try combinations like all 1s, 0s, 1234, 1212, etc. Similarly, if you know the person whose phone you are trying to unlock, you can try entering their birth year.

However, these secret passcodes can’t work in most situations. In such a case, you should try alternative techniques to unlocking an iPhone without the secret passcode and without bothering to make a guess.

Conclusion On iPhone Secret Codes Unlock Passcode

In conclusion, the above information concerning iPhone Secret Codes Unlock Passcode is comprehensive enough for anyone even a newbie. Now make sure to go through the steps provided in this post, and you will surely come out with the desired result.

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