Productivity Apps For Remote Workers

This article is a detailed description of some of the best Productivity Apps For Remote Workers.

Productivity apps are software to improve the efficiency of an individual or a team of workers.

While one can use note-taking or a calendar app for personal productivity, team productivity is solely dependent on collaboration, trust, transparency and communication.

For this reason, many companies with remote workers employ this software to ensure productivity.

Though according to reports there be an ever-high amount of remote workers these days, still compared to physical workers, it’s just a little amount. And one factor that singlehandedly boosts the percentage of people that work from home is the Corona Virus outbreak.

The globe has been conducting the largest remote working experiment in history for the past three months, and it appears that many people want this to become the new standard.

According to a joint survey by O2 and YouGov, 45% of British workers anticipate working from home regularly once lockdowns are fully removed. Yet, productivity is a phrase that is continually associated with the idea of working from home.

It can be challenging to match workplace productivity from outside the office, which results in reduced production for corporations or longer workdays for employees. The growth of Zoom may be the most obvious illustration of how technology might help WFH overcome its productivity issues, but it’s not the only one.

And in this article are detailed information about some of the best Productivity Apps For Remote Workers.

Best Productivity Apps For Remote Workers

Asena :

Asena is a type of project management monitoring software, and it’s an ideal tool for creating and assigning tasks, as well as communicating and managing preferences/priorities.

And it can be used to divide projects into tasks and subtasks, split the team into subgroups, and utilize reporting to track activity over various periods.



Insightful is a new software, and it does the same function as the other software on the list. One of its feature that differs from others includes tile tracking, employee monitoring, automatic time mapping, and productivity analytics.

With Insightful, one can automatically track workers’ working hours and also gain access to information on their daily productivity reports.



A free version of the employee tracking program ActivTrak allows for the monitoring of up to three individuals. With it, you’ll be able to apply content filters and other restrictions as well as track behaviours like website visits and app usage.

Even more sophisticated functions, such as USB device identification and security audits are available in the premium edition.


Major businesses like Airbnb, Starbucks, EA, and the BBC all utilize Slack as one of the most well-liked team collaboration and messaging applications.

Slack was developed by remote employees for other remote employees. The original idea was to replace time-consuming email correspondence with a platform that would enable teams to collaborate and communicate from any location.

In essence, it’s organized instant messaging for teams that must collaborate. You can work from any location with an internet connection if you add audio and video conferencing capabilities, file sharing, and interaction with 2,000+ additional productivity tools to this straightforward but effective communication tool.


Chanty is very similar to Slack in the sense that it creates a simple, instant messaging platform for teams to communicate and collaborate. The overall design and majority of features are the same, too, and this is a good thing because the formula works so well.

However, Chanty does bring some standout features to the table.

And also aside from being more cheaper than Slack and having limited restrictions on things like the total number of messages per price point, Chanty offers more in terms of task and project management features. You can create and assign tasks to individuals and teams, for example, and manage projects using the Kanban board view.

To justify the chanty app, it will never be able to compete with a specialized project management platform, so you could discover that these functions duplicate those of your other productivity tools and provide no additional value.

Slack focuses solely on communication and is exceptional at it. Chanty is a very good productivity app and a wonderful Slack alternative and may even provide adequate task/project management functionality for individuals and small teams, depending on the tools you’re using. 


ProofHub is a type of Activity Tracker software and is one of the best and rip-rated project management and team collaboration platforms. It offers many advanced features to simplify project management while promoting team collaboration.

Features such as Task Management, Time Tracking, Custom Fields, Scheduling Calendar and many more. Sincerely Proofhub is a great platform for teams of every skill level as well as size.


Teramind is another option; it is a tool for monitoring employees that allows for time and activity tracking. Moreover, it provides administrators with the flexibility to establish and enforce particular regulations, such as restricting traffic to particular websites, and it may notify you of problematic user behaviours.

teramind - remote employee monitoring


The Toggl app makes it easier to keep track of project time. Although being timed may sound difficult, it keeps you on track and maintains track of the items you will need to bill consumers.

The Toggl app, however, is the best tool for anyone trying to learn how to block off distractions. Also, you have the option to prioritize your tasks and dedicate certain periods of time to different projects.

Conclusion on Productivity Apps For Remote Workers

Obviously, with the ever-increasing demand for tech jobs, and most tech jobs being known for not necessarily needing an office, working from home will continue to increase.

In addition,periodsently new tools are being created, to make “working from home” easier than ever.

The previous year might have had a bumpy beginning as more companies/ organisations are continually working out ways to make remote work possible. And in my opinion, it will get easier from here.

So make sure to carefully read through the post to find get acquainted with the necessary information. Go forth and get productive in your job. 

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