What Is The Federal ID Number For Cigna 

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What is Cigna?

Cigna is a huge healthcare company that delivers various health insurance services to individuals, families, and businesses.

The Federal ID Number, also known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN), is a unique identifier assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to Cigna and other companies for tax purposes.

The EIN is used by the IRS to track a company’s tax obligations and filings, as well as by other government agencies and financial institutions for various business transactions.

Uses of Federal ID Number

Cigna’s EIN is used by financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, to verify the company’s identity and facilitate financial transactions.

One of the main purposes of the Federal ID Number is to ensure that businesses are complying with their tax obligations.

This includes filing tax returns and paying the appropriate taxes on time. The EIN also helps to prevent fraud and identity theft by verifying a company’s identity. Businesses need to protect their EIN and not share it with unauthorized parties to avoid any potentially fraudulent activity.

For individuals who have health insurance through Cigna, the Federal ID Number is not typically needed for everyday use.

However, it may be necessary for certain types of transactions, such as when filing an insurance claim or when submitting tax forms related to health insurance.

Additionally, employers who offer Cigna health insurance to their employees may need to provide the EIN when filing tax forms related to employee benefits.

Cigna’s Federal ID Number is also important for government agencies that regulate the healthcare industry. For example, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require healthcare providers and insurance companies to have a valid EIN to participate in their programs.

This helps to ensure that only legitimate businesses are participating in these programs and that they are complying with the regulations set forth by the government.

In addition to the Federal ID Number, Cigna has other important identification numbers that are used for various purposes.

For example, Cigna has National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers that are used by healthcare providers to identify themselves and their practices when submitting claims to insurance companies.

Cigna also has unique identification numbers for each of its insurance plans, which are used to track the benefits and coverage provided under each plan.

Cigna Federal ID Number

Cigna’s Federal ID Number or EIN is 06-1059331. This number is used by the IRS to track Cigna’s tax obligations, including the payment of federal income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and unemployment taxes.

Basic Profile:

  • Organization Name: Cigna Holding Co
  • IRS EIN (Taxpayer Id): 06-1059331
  • Doing Business As Cigna Holding Co
  • Type of business: Hospital & Medical Service Plans

Business Address and Contact Details:

  • Business Phone: 8602266000
  • Business Address: 900 Cottage Grove Road
  • Business City: Bloomfield
  • Business State: Connecticut
  • Business ZIP: 06002

Mailing Address:

  • Mailing Address: 900 Cottage Grove Road
  • Mailing City: Bloomfield
  • Mailing State: Connecticut
  • Mailing ZIP: 06002

Incorporation Details:

The CIK for Cigna Holding Co is 701221. Central Index Key (CIK) is used to identify corporations who have classified acknowledgements additional filings with the SEC.

  • Central Index Key (CIK) 701221
  • End of fiscal year 31 December
  • Incorporation State Delaware
  • Incorporation Subdivision Delaware
  • Incorporation Country US
  • Filing Year 2the 019

Conclusion on What the Federal ID Number for Cigna

In summary, the Federal ID Number is an important identifier for Cigna and other businesses. It is used by the IRS, financial institutions, and government agencies to track tax obligations, verify identities, and ensure compliance with regulations.

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For individuals who have health insurance through Cigna, the EIN may be needed for certain transactions, such as when filing insurance claims or submitting tax forms related to health insurance.

It is important for businesses to protect their EIN and to only share it with authorized parties to prevent fraudulent activity.

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